Wall Street Journal interviews Neubecker on GPS Vulnerabilites

Neubecker interviewed by Wall Street Journal's Adam Janofsky on GPS vulnerabilities.

Adam Janofsky of the Wall Street Journal featured me in a story he conducted covering GPS vulnerabilities. Adam’s editor had read my timeline and earlier blog post discussing GPS vulnerabilities and decided to have him reach out to me for more background details. I shared my earlier research on GPS vulnerabilities I previously shared with the U.S. Military and various Government Intelligence Organizations. There is usually a long lag in the mainstream media picking up on emerging threats. Fortunately in the full year that has transpired since my earlier article on GPS vulnerabilities, there haven’t been any further cargo ships slamming into our Navy fleet.

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For those of you who do not subscribe, a pdf of the article appears here. How to Defend Against GPS Spoofing Attacks – WSJ

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