Club House hostess cyberstalked then murdered

I was asked to appear on Nancy Grace’s @crimeonline podcast to comment as a cyber investigator and forensics expert on the recent murder of a Clubhouse social media forum hostess carried out by a stalker that used the platform to form a relationship with the victim.

Despite obtaining an order of protection against the suspected murderer, law enforcement said they couldn’t track down the suspect because he was a trucker. Everyone knows truckers have GPS trackers to help the logistics companies know where their shipments are. I had more than a few things to say about that malarkey.

The stalker allegedly killed the hostess and her husband and then turned his own gun on himself a few days ago. An unfortunate outcome that may have been preventable.

In this podcast, I share methods to protect you and your family from people using internet reconnaissance and mobile phone lookups to obtain your family and friends’ FaceBook information and more.

Reshares are appreciated!

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