Apple Releases Important Update 11.1 to fix KRACK WiFi WPA2 Vulnerability

The Krack vulnerability disclosed by researchers publicly earlier this month, is a vulnerabiity in WPA2 WiFi networks (that includes most current home and work WiFi routers) that can allow for key reuse by a nearby attacker, leading to potential interception of usernames, passwords and other sensitive information.  This type of attack is known as a Key Reinstallation Attack, has been named KRACK.  Once a successful attack occurs, the attacker can inject additional code into web pages you are attempting to load and also decode encrypted session traffic that is supposed to be protected. Code injection can be used to write root kits to your device that allow for persistant long term monitoring of your compromised devices.  Interception of any submitted information from your device can also be accomplished despite apparently valid encryption in your browser.

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, you should take immediate action to patch your device by downloading and installing this update today.  This same advice applies to other brands of smart phones and WiFi routers, since the problems with KRACK are more related to the WPA2 protocol than any individual brand of manufacturer.

For those not concerned with Security of their iPhone, you should do it to today to take advantage of all those timely new Halloween Themed, Racially Diverse Emojis that the new 11.1 release provides.

More details on the security fixes from today’s update can be found at




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